Cloud System Management

Cloud System Management

Powerful System Management Capabilities with an all-from-one browser-based admin console, giving you the ability to enforce user and group policies, authenticate users, and set password requirements. Cloud Directory-as-a-Services offers Network and System Management, Application and File Management and more to provide you with full-control of your business.

Cross-Platform OS Management | Network & System Management

What is Cloud Management?

Cloud Management gives you full control and compliance of your business environment with a complete set of security and management tools for Complete User Management, System-Based Password Compliance, Policy Enforcement and more.

Why buy Cloud Management?

Allow cloud Management to secure your work environments for your employees to leverage secured endpoints and allow your employees to use the tools that they want and need to be productive.

How does it work?

By simply installing Middle-ware Client on all of your Work Environment Workstations and Devices, you gain full-control of your security and policy compliance from an All-from-One Management Dashboard.

Cloud Data Migration and Storage

Integrate your data quickly with no coding or experts needed to complete your data import/exports, migrations, and synchronization. Keep your data safe with automated daily transfers and manual backups at anytime. Visualize your query results with grids and charts to modify and export data directory where you need to transfer it.

Data Migration & Storage | Data Backup & Recovery

Cloud Data Migration and Storage

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Data Services allow you to remotely maintain and manage file storage and migration online with all-in-one dashboard platform. Gain the ability to access important data from any location, at anytime.

Why buy Data Storage?

Cloud Data Migration and Storage allows for growth in your business, where you need it most. Without having to purchase physical servers, you can store unlimited amounts of data and recover in times of a Data Loss Crisis.

How does it work?

Connect your work environment to our cloud database to instantly gain access to unlimited storage space and begin migrating your data backups to become prepared for any unexpected downtime or data loss.

Cloud VoIP Management

Cloud VoIP Management

Fully-Hosted, Cloud-Based Analog & VoIP Phone Solutions, designed to meet your business telecommunication needs. FluentStream provides Mobility, Analog-to-VoIP Integrations & Upgrades, as well as eFax Solutions to allow your business to communicate effectively.

Unified VoIP & Telecommunications | Voice Management Services

What is VoIP?

Secure and reliable cloud communications allowing you to eliminate the requirement for on-premise PBX Hardware, delivering a hosted business telecommunication platform that does not require physical hardware to communicate or onsite technicians to manage.

Why buy VoIP?

Cloud VoIP Services reduce the cost of local calls up to 40% and international calls up to 90%, providing your business with cost-savings and reliable platform of telecommunications. Cloud VoIP also provide minimal downtime due to not requiring physical hardware.

How does it work?

Allow us to conduct an assessment of your Telecommunications System to determine whether your business is in need of an upgrade in equipment, cabling and features. Based on our assessment, allow our technicians to get your telecommunication platform up-to-date.

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