Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation consists of Home Devices and Appliances that network together, providing wireless control over all aspects of your home. Gain full control of your home and the usage of your utilities, providing Energy-Use Efficiency and control over your home and daily energy consumption like never before, customers save 20-30% on their Monthly Electricity Bill.

Smart Air Vents & Thermostats | Lighting Control | Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart Air Vents & Thermostats

Learns from your habits and adjusts climate settings automatically to maximize energy efficiency. Creates accurate and custom temperature scheduling to save energy while keeping your home at the temperature you want.

Smart Lighting Control Systems

Smart Lighting Control gives you the ability to set the scene in your Smart Home, as well as save in energy-cost by allowing your Smart Home to recognize when one of your rooms are not in use.

Smart Sprinkler Systems

Smart Sprinkler Systems allow you to can control over your water consumption by using custom scheduling and automated adjustments based on your daily local weather conditions to optimize your water use.

Whole-Home Audio/Visual

Whether it is having Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound or have a 4K 60-Inch TV hanging above your fireplace in your living room, there is so much more that Smart Home Theaters have to offer! Gain Full-Control of your Home Entertainment at the push of a button or by asking Amazon Alexa to turn the TV on, pick a movie, dim the lights and close the blinds! With Legrand OnQ Digital Audio & Video and other Devices such as Google Home, users can customize and alter their Home Entertainment Experience.

Whole-Home Audio Systems | Home Visual Installation | TV Mounting

Whole-Home Audio/Visual

Whole-Home Audio Systems

Enhance your Home Cinema Experience with Whole-Home Audio and In-Wall/In-Ceiling Speakers to create your own Home Theater from the comfort of your couch.

TV Mounting Installations

Swivel and Tilted TV Mounts to place your TV on a wall and improve your Home Entertainment Experience with comfort and flexibility.

Video Streaming Setup

Gain access to a wide variety of Services and Apps for your Media Streaming to enjoy the best in Home Entertainment and Video Streaming

Home Security & Surveillance

Home Security & Surveillance

Gain Full Control of your Home Security, whether your at Home or a Thousand Miles Away! With Automated Security Systems, our devices can provide you with Surveillance Systems & Video Storage provided by Dahua 4MP Security Camera & NVR, Keyless Entry and Smart Lock Systems provided by August, giving you the ability to the ability to Monitor and Control your Home Security Setup at all times. Home Automation Security Systems offer In-Home Dashboards, as well as, Mobile Control providing the Best in Security for your Home and Family.

Smart Home Access Control | Security Surveillance Cameras

Smart Access Control

Tailor your Home or Business Security System to best fit your requirements for comfort and assurance that you are protecting what matters most. Smart Access Control Systems give you Remote Secure Access to control who comes and goes from your Home or Business at all times.

Home Security Cameras

AI Network Security Cameras come equipped with Facial Recognition to track intruders and thieves, High-Quality 4K Resolution with Smart IR Starlight Night Vision Technology with distances up to 98ft.

Smart Motion-Detection

Smart Security Motion Detection Devices have the ability to send alerts when there is motion detected up from 30ft to 40ft away, to notify you of unwanted guests at your home.

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