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Our focus at OAVHome is NOT simply our High-Quality Performance, our attention to detail is dedicated to providing you and your life with High-Quality Customer Service and Better Solutions to make life work for you.

OAVHome Co-Owners - Lawrence Collins & Timothy Burks

Provide the Best Solutions

Our Mission is to provide our family of customers with the best products and services available to increase their
day-to-day tasks. 

Improve Life Daily

By working to improve daily living with the Best Solutions available, our focus is assisting our customers with gaining more control in their family and lives.

Work for a Better World

When your customers with Better Solutions to Improve Daily Living, we can work together to create a Better World for not just ourselves, but those around us.

The Story of OAVHome

In July 2016, Lawrence Collins & Timothy Burks Jr. discovered the New Innovations in Smart Home Automation and Technology and the improvements it would provide for the future to come. Lawrence and Tim began working to provide a realiable source for the Local Community to receive the benefits of what Smart Home Automation has to offer.

OAVHome LLC. was later founded by Lawrence Collins & Timothy Burks in October 2016, deriving from Opulent Audio/Video after 10 years of servicing Northeast Louisiana. OAVHome LLC. was formed with the focus of providing Local Residents and Business Owners with products and services to improve the way of living, as well as more efficient methods of conducting business.

What the Future Holds...

Over the past 3 years, OAVHome LLC. grew by expanding the list of services that it has to offer the Local Community in order to become a turn-key solutions for those we serve. With an ever-expanding list of Smart Home Automation & Home Security Devices, as well as Home Entertainment Systems, OAVHome continues to research new innovating methods to better assist and serve our Family of Customers. 

Our Mission is to complete to expand our Residential Services to begin offering a turn-key solution for Locals in the areas we serve. We have currently established the additional services listed below to improve the solutions we have to provide our family of customers. 

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