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Whole-Home Audio/Visual Systems

Upgrade your Home Entertainment with the best in Whole-Home Audio Visual Systems to gain the Ultimate Experience in watching movies, streaming music with an all-in-one control system.

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OAVHome - Legrand OnQ Lyriq Whole-Home Audio/Video Control Systems

Legrand OnQ Home Audio/Visual Control

Control your Home Audio & Video in one room or your entire home from an all-in-one control system. Improve your Home Entertainment Experience whether you are watching a movie or streaming music.

OAVHome - Polk In-Wall Surround Sound Speaker System Professional Installation Services near me

Indoor/Outdoor Surround Sound System

24/7 Outdoor Surveillance with the Dahua Network IP Security Cameras with One-Way Audio, Starlight Night Vision Technology, On-Site Recording and Storage, and Mobile Device Streaming.

OAVHome - TV Mounting Installation Professional Services near me

TV Mounting Services

Take advantage of our TV Mounting Services by adding an articulated or fixed wall mount for your new TV to a clean and professional look to your Home Entertainment System.

OAVHome - Video Streaming Professional Installation Services near me

Video Streaming Installaion

Enjoy your Video Streaming with products such as the Amazon Firestick, AppleTV, Google Chromecast or Roku Video Streaming Devices to gain access to a library of Video Streaming Services.

OAVHome - Legrand OnQ Audio/Video Mobile App Control Systems and Professional Installation Services near me

Control Your Home Entertainment System

Whole-Home Audio/Visual Control Systems

Gain control of your Home Entertainment System at the push of a button. Use your Mobile Devices to control your Audio/Visual Control Systems to watch your Movies & TV Shows, or streaming your favorite music.

OAVHome - Timothy Burks Jr. - Co-Owner

Timothy Burks Jr.

System Engineer, OAVHome

OAVHome - Whole-Home Audio/Video Professional Installation Services near me

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Improve your Home Entertainment with our Whole-Home Audio/Visual Products and Solutions today!

OAVHome - Home Security System Devices and Professional Installation Services near me

Home Security Systems

Our mission is providing your home with the protection it requires to keep your home & family safe 24/7.

OAVHome - Smart Home Automation Devices and Professional Installation Services near me

Smart Home Automation

Ease-of-Use and Energy-Saving Solutions to help save your more in your Home Energy Consumption on a daily basis.

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